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Live in a poetic garden and embrace the world
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In March, everything recovers

Follow the fragrance of flowers and sunshine

The haze of the epidemic also gradually dissipated

Long time at home

Plus the awareness of health

Also let people reexamine their living environment

Network diagram

King's visit to Washington

Agglomerate millennium cultural heritage and innovation

Learn the essence of Chinese garden

Create a new Chinese garden with ingenuity

Let the owner stay at home, then close to nature

While reaping health, you can enjoy the elegance of the garden

Four seasons fragrance of island peach garden

From "Penglai" on the sea

To the "peach garden" isolated from the world in the minds of scholars

Gardens have always been a poetic place for people to live

The spiritual pursuit of Chinese people

Annual average temperature of Dongshan Island: 20.8

A spring like climate

Nourish Dongshan people

It also moistens the vegetation on the island

Live in a poetic garden and embrace the world

Landscape plan

Have a national style garden

Let poetry flow in life

The whole landscape of Junlin Huafu

With the main road facing the vestibule as the central axis

Extending the spatial layout of "one axis and five yards"

Connect the wall, corridor, pavilion, flowers and trees

Stroll in the four seasons

As in the poetic painting of Taoyuan

Lofty family style

Community main entrance gate

To regulate by traditional royal etiquette

The Seiko craftsman makes a copper mansion gate 8 meters high and 5 meters wide

Five steps in front of the door

Step up, step by step

Paved with high-quality bricks and stones, with steps on both sides

Grand atmosphere, showing the dignity of the Lord

 Live in a poetic garden and embrace the world

Real view of the gate

 Live in a poetic garden and embrace the world

The gate is made of peony carving

Select two rare luohansong trees to match each other

It means that the flowers are blooming and are evergreen all the year round

Tall and upright symmetrical landscape layout

Start the etiquette of returning home

Welcome and send with the style of a mansion

Visit the garden and enjoy the time

Walking on the landscape corridor of the central axis

Songhe Yingbi, Zhichun Pavilion, Jifang garden, Qingsong Pavilion

Like a landscape painting, it is spread layer by layer

Step by step, let people intoxicated

Even in a house, you can see the world

Listen to the birds in the forest and have a broad mind

 Live in a poetic garden and embrace the world

Landscape renderings

From vestibule to backyard

It also carries many beautiful life scenes

Invite friends on weekdays

Small meeting in vestibule for tea and chess

There was a lot of talk among the neighbors

Sitting around in the backyard, sharing friendship

In case of emergency

Read a good book and enjoy the beautiful garden

Can also enjoy their own leisure time

Lush natural environment

Based on the order of community humanistic rites

Combined with natural environment and seasonal characteristics

Use vegetation, flowers, shrubs and other levels of greening

Landscape space

Garden ornaments around

Create a rich sense body

Live in a poetic garden and embrace the world 

Landscape renderings

The natural prosperity of living well

In the garden full of negative oxygen ions

Enjoy the fresh air all the time

Dust isolation and easy breathing

Keep your body healthy

Natural and open mind

Live in a poetic garden and embrace the world

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