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Group Development Hhistory

  • In 2006

    Established company: Sichuan Minsheng Industrial Co., Ltd

  • In 2010

    Established company: Sichuan Hebang Industrial Co., Ltd

  • In 2012

    Established company: Sichuan xinguofu Stone Co., Ltd

  • In 2014

    Established companies: Fujian dingzhisheng Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.; Fuzhou Huixin Guangying Trading Co., Ltd

  • In 2016

    Established companies: Sichuan Guofu Stone Co., Ltd.; Fujian Luohe greening seedlings Co., Ltd

  • In 2017

    Established companies: Shandong Chunsheng Real Estate Co., Ltd.; Fujian Zhongjian Wanhe Construction Engineering Co., Ltd

  • In 2018

    Established companies: Fujian Dongshan longhui Real Estate Co., Ltd.; Fujian xinguofu Industrial Co., Ltd

    It has won the "Lixin unit" certificate, enterprise "AAA level" certificate, annual culture and Education Model Building Award, and "quality real estate" award

  • In 2019

    Established company: Inner Mongolia Wulat Zhongqi Guofu Mining Co., Ltd

    It has won the award of "model community of livable and happy community of the year", "top ten influential real estate" award, "fourth vice president unit" and "2019 annual economic construction Contribution Award"

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