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Fujian Guofu Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996. Its predecessor is Guofu stone industry and Trade Co., Ltd. of Luoyuan County, Fujian Province. It is a comprehensive large stone enterprise. It was changed to "Fujian Guofu Industry Co., Ltd." in 2010 and "Fujian Guofu Industry Group Co., Ltd." in 2018. The group has more than 2000 employees, more than 50 professional and economic technical titles, and a registered capital of 300 million yuan. With the development of business, the company has set up branches in Fujian, Sichuan, Hubei, Shandong, Inner Mongolia, etc. under the group's name: 1. Sichuan Guofu Stone Co., Ltd. 2. Sichuan Minsheng Industry Co., Ltd. 3. Sichuan Hebang Industry Co., Ltd. 4. Sichuan xinguofu stone material Co., Ltd. 5. Hubei xinguofu stone material Co., Ltd. 6. Shandong Chunsheng Real Estate Co., Ltd. 7 Fujian Dongshan longhui Real Estate Co., Ltd. 8, Fujian new Guofu Industry Co., Ltd. 9, Fujian dingzhisheng Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. 10, Fuzhou Huixin Guangying Trade Co., Ltd., 11, Inner Mongolia wulatzhong Guofu Mining Co., Ltd. 12, Fujian Zhongjian Wanhe Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. 13, Fujian Luohe green seedlings Co., Ltd. The production and operation business of the group company involves building materials, logistics, real estate, hotel, finance and other industries.

From 1996 to 2008, the company took stone production and operation as the main body, and its enterprises have become the benchmark enterprises in the industry, with annual output of more than 6 million m2 and annual sales of more than 600 million yuan. From 2008 to 2013, with the continuous development of the company in the stone industry, it gradually extended to the professional logistics market, developed and built a comprehensive warehousing logistics park covering an area of about 1200 Mu and the largest professional stone market in Southwest China.

In 2013, while stabilizing the development of the original enterprises, the group fully integrated various resources, actively and steadily developed the real estate industry, and realized the transformation to land and real estate development. The group has successively established Chunsheng Real Estate Co., Ltd. and longhui Real Estate Co., Ltd. in Dongshan, Zhangzhou, Fujian Province and Heze, Shandong Province, to selectively participate in the development of urban real estate projects and actively participate in the development of housing reform projects. The development of real estate projects has been completed about 1 million m2, and the projects under construction about 800000 m2. The development of "Junlin Huafu" in Dongshan, Fujian, Heze, Shandong and other places is perfectly displaying the new space of modern urban life with novel design, unique shape and beautiful environment. At present, the real estate sector is in good operation and gradually grows into one of the main businesses of the group company.

"Pragmatism, innovation, efficiency and harmony" is the management concept of the group company, "management creates value, service improves advantages, and quality achieves the future" is the development concept of the group company, "to create value for money contribution for customers" is our values. As the founder and helmsman of Fujian Guofu Group Co., Ltd., Mr. Lin Baoguo, chairman of the board of directors, has always adhered to the sound development idea in the process of entrepreneurship and development, and led the company members to make solid development step by step. The steady development of Guofu industry is giving full play to its own advantages, grasping the pulse of the times, and working with partners to achieve a better tomorrow.

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