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project manager

operating duty:
1. Be fully responsible for the management and operation of construction projects, ensure the effective implementation of systems and processes, control the project schedule, quality, safety and cost, and ensure the realization of business objectives;
2. Participate in the research, scheme selection and technical demonstration in the early stage of the project, and preside over the scheme optimization of structural discipline in the design process;
3. Be responsible for monitoring the construction progress, quality and safety, fire control of the construction unit and supervision of the supervision unit;
4. Responsible for organizing the phased acceptance and completion acceptance of the construction process, and handling the completion filing procedures;
5. Be responsible for cost control of development projects, allocate project funds according to project progress and workload completion, and participate in final accounts of project completion;
6. Responsible for the preparation and implementation of sales response plan, participate in the formulation and implementation of sales plan, sales team management and business guidance;
7. Cooperate with other departments to do well the work related to the development project;
Location: 18th floor, Haixi science and technology financial building, 423 Aofeng street, Taijiang District
Salary: face to face
Recruiters: 2
Tel: 0591-87666187

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