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Project surveyor

operating duty:
1. Carry out the selection and burying of survey and control points in engineering survey;
2. Measure and calculate the control point data meeting the specified accuracy level;
3. Carry out observation and record book in special survey such as engineering construction setting out, construction survey, linear engineering survey, bridge engineering survey, underground engineering construction survey, water conservancy engineering survey, geological survey, seismic survey, underground mine survey, building deformation survey, and mapping of engineering topographic map;
4. Arrange and estimate the field observation data, or draw the field topographic map into the original topographic map;
5. Check the data of measurement results and provide measurement data and measurement drawings;
6.Engineering Surveyors refer to professional surveyors engaged in engineering survey and management. Be responsible for the measurement work in all stages of the project, including commencement, construction and operation;
Location: Huizhou project department, Quanzhou City
Salary: face to face
Recruiters: 3
Tel: 0591-87666187

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