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Project Cost Manager

operating duty:
1. Make department work plan and work items;
2. Responsible for team building, organizing staff to participate in external professional training, and organizing communication with peers from time to time;
3. Determine the cost target of project construction and installation, and improve the cost instruction;
4. Review the accuracy of the dynamic cost, make special analysis for the parts with large changes, and participate in the investment calculation of new projects;
5. Review all bidding documents, supervise the whole bidding process effectively, and determine the charging standard of main body or large project;
6. Check the accuracy of material price limit or item project price limit;
7. Review all contracts and payments; review non contractual payments;
8. Spot check budget and check settlement;
9. Organize the standard preparation of budget, settlement and contract management, participate in the preparation of change and bidding management standards, organize cost training;
Location: Huizhou project department, Quanzhou City
Salary: face to face
Recruiters: 2
Tel: 0591-87666187

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